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Community of Compassion

We have developed programs that directly align with our mission and vision. 

Through a variety of initiatives, we aim to ignite hope, foster growth and create a brighter future for all participants. 

What We Do


Tutoring and Academic


To assist children and teens in the community with their educational needs. This transformation takes place during one on ones and group sessions which allow students to express their challenges and to work diligently to overcome and master the subject. 


Youth Mentorship

Our Youth Mentorship Program provides guidance, inspiration, and a helping hand to empower the next generation for success.


Entrepreneurship Program 

Community of Compassion CDC Entrepreneurship Program is an intensive business-planning training program designed to help participants who want to: • start a new business • grow an existing business • scale a thriving business THE BENEFIT OF OUR • make a substantial business pivot


Drone Pilot School

Courses to obtain a Part 107 Drone Pilot Certificate License. The Association for
Unmanned Vehicle Systems International projected more than 100,000 new jobs will
be created in unmanned aircraft by the year 2025.


Compassion's Soccer Drone League

Drone Soccer inspires students toward aerospace education through thrilling
team competitions. Students learn how to build, program, fly and compete
through drone soccer scrimmages and can explore drone soccer and other
stem-related careers.


Compassion's Coding Camp

Assisting teenagers toward the language of the future, inspiring innovation, problem-solving, and endless possibilities in a tech driven world.


Arts & Music Program

Teaching students to let their imagination take center stage through art and melodies sounds through our community.


Community Health Fa

Books become bridges to new horizons and the joy of reading lights the path to lifelong learning.


Financial Literacy - Youth & Adults

Teaching students about the knowledge of wealth and informing them about choices that pave the way for financial security and success. 


Community Services

Teaching our community to allow compassion to meet action. 

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