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Parental Support 


The Parent Academy Christian Compassion (PACC)

PACC will offer parent groups that seek to support parents who are experiencing their own trauma, loss and grief as their minor and adult children may simultaneously experiencing their own, which tends to further exacerbate the family dynamic and further inflame tensions in the parent-child relationship. We also believe that this is one manifestation of youth spending inordinate hours of time in the city rather than at home, since there may be trauma at home which makes it an uncomfortable place and space in which to heal. The goal is to minimize the risk that the parent will transmit more of their own trauma to their children and as a result begin the process of self-healing.


Parenting Through Trauma Support Group

The name supports the focus on parenting through trauma, one’s own and one’s child/children. The name symbolizes that something is happening to parents’ that may have a strong impact on their parenting skills and the relationships that they develop with their minor and adult children. This is a weekly group for 8-weeks for those seeking education, support and social connection with other parents who are dealing with their own Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and ensuing trauma as an adult (Felitti, 2009). This will be a safe space for parents who desire to have a medium through which to express their needs and wants as it relates to parenting children who are also experiencing ACES and current traumas. 


Family Engagement Activities 

Youth and Parents will enjoy interactive activities that foster social development and closer familial ties. 

(See also Saturday Shadowing Program and Cultural Awareness Activities.)

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