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Recruitment, Training and Support of Mentors

 Effective mentoring is culturally responsive and operates with an understanding of the social context in which youth live. Culturally responsive mentoring relationships will act as a buffer in preventing violence in youth of color.  Focused efforts will be made towards recruiting, retaining, and supporting historically under-represented community members through churches, schools and local institutions such as hospitals and law enforcement agencies.


Therapeutic Exercises and activities for Mentees ​

Upon parental approval, Mentees will be screened, trained and have clearances paid for. Mentees will engage in a variety of small-group activities with their matched family along with other mentees at Saturday trainings.


Saturday Shadowing Program

This component provides weekend activities that allow men to mentor boys and women to mentor girls and for family interaction.


Violence Prevention Training​

The aim of our violence prevention training activity is to equip at-risk youth with the information, skills motivation, perceived self-efficacy, and support systems essential to avoiding/reducing the occurrence of interpersonal violence and related injuries and deaths.  Training Topics:  self-awareness, family/group history, problem solving skills, stress management, communication skills, anger management, risk assessment, media consciousness, the dangers associated with alcohol and drug use and sales, alternatives of dealing with conflict, negotiation and peer refusal skills, family violence, and dating violence.

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