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Community of Compassion CDC

Located in the Cobbs Creek section of Southwest Philadelphia, The Community of Compassion CDC Inc. (hereinafter “Compassion CDC”) is committed to serving youth, families and seniors living, working and worshipping in West/South-West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  We serve the following five (5) zip codes areas: 19139, 19143, 19104, 19131 and 19142 (e.g., police districts 12th, 16th 19th & 18th).  Programming takes places in the historic Haddington/Cobbs Creek neighborhood of West Philadelphia. Haddington is the area bounded by 52nd Street, 63rd Street, Girard Avenue and Market Street.  Adjacent to it is Cobbs Creek, which is bounded by 52nd Street, Cobbs Creek Parkway, Baltimore Avenue and Market Street.  The Cobbs Creek neighborhood is adjacent to Cobbs Creek Park which forms the Western Boundary of the city. 


W. Lonnie Herndon

Our Vision

We envision a revitalized community where everyone is able to live a long, happy and healthy life, regardless of race, ability or zip code

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Our Mission

Our primary mission is to “develop the community with compassion” by creating strong partnerships with diverse stakeholders, designing culturally responsive programs, cultivating the holistic well-being of youth and their families, and fostering economic prosperity for residents, entrepreneurs, and traditionally disadvantaged businesses.


Improve the Quality of Life


Promote Community Development


Neighborhood Pride


Empower People to Attain Hope, Motivation and the Skills Necessary to Reach Personal Potential


Self-Sufficient Families

Compassion CDC was created to implement the vast number of holistic programs and initiatives to: 

Our Story

The Community of Compassion CDC Inc. (“Compassion CDC”) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, incorporated in 2001, located at 6150 Cedar Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19143.  Compassion CDC is as an outgrowth of The Church of Christian Compassion, founded in 1981, which has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to the redevelopment and revitalization of both human and physical aspects of the community.  Compassion CDC was created to implement the vast number of holistic programs and initiatives to improve the quality of life, promote community development, neighborhood pride and empower people to attain hope, motivation and the skills necessary to reach their personal potential and for families to become self-sufficient.

Executive Director

Terrilynn Donnell

Meet The Team

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