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Homework Assistance/Tutoring

Homework assistance and Tutorial support will be available in all curricula areas to enable youth to deal with difficult academic subject matter.  Assistance will be provided individually by personal tutors and through computer assisted tutorial instruction.


Visual/Multimedia, Photography

In efforts to help at risk youth and young adults find a purpose through multimedia the following programs are offered.  1) Photography - The photography class will teach kids and young adults how to become a competent photographer. The classes will include Camera basics, composition, aperture, camera equipment, lighting, posing, finding your type of photography, lenses, and printing.  2) Multimedia - Classes will be in phases 8-week beginner class, 16-week intermediate class and a 32-week advanced class.  The classes will consist of; a) Visual Effects This program will prepare and equip students with the tools to start their own Visual/Multimedia business.


Career Development  

Participants that go through the Visual/Multimedia Program will learn detailed technical information about photography, visual effects, film and social media.  In addition, participants that complete the program will be able to and given the opportunity to become an entrepreneur and start their own multimedia business. This includes all of the necessary equipment and software to implement an effective and thorough Multimedia program.  This includes state-of-the-art digital cameras, lenses, accessory kits, SanDisk memory cards, camera batteries, multimedia computers with the power to run various videos, program software and film, Cinema recording Cameras (used to produce videos and films) and all of the necessary equipment and software to make YouTube videos, short films, etc.


Compassion Community Children’s Kitchen (3CK) 

This program called “Compassion Community Children’s Kitchen” (3CK), staffed by 12 to 15 caring volunteers, provides and serves healthy meals to approximately 150 school age children, Monday through Friday from 5:00 pm. to 7:00 p.m.  Healthy dinners always include: fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds, proteins such as fish and lower fat dairy products.   Youth coming to this program will have access to information about all program activities and services and other information/resources that assist youth with pro-social behavior.


Parental Involvement 

Research indicates that parent involvement makes an enormous impact on a young person’s attitude, school attendance, and academic achievement.  Parents and guardians will be sought out to serve as volunteers, offering program assistance in the form of program monitors, tutors and chaperones (See also, “Parent Academy”)


Cultural Awareness Activities

Cognizant of the oppression some youth experience, our program will invest time in activities promoting healthy social activity and cultural diversity and create opportunities to expose youth to other cultures.  Youth will be encouraged to commit to the concept of diversity while maintaining individual and cultural values.  Activities will include field trips, projects, specifically designed forums and speakers to promote inter-cultural interaction.

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